From Hot Dogs to Haute Cuisine: Inside Phil & Lily Rosenthal’s New Book

Join Hollywood power duo Phil and Lily Rosenthal on Beyond the Mic with Sean Dillon Podcast as they dish about their new book ‘Just Try It!’ Discover why writing this culinary adventure was a family affair and uncover surprising food confessions. From favorite burgers to future dreams, delve into their Rockin’ 8 and Two Big Questions. Don’t miss the Rosenthals’ flavorful insights and their heartfelt message to ‘Just Try It’.

If I were to tell you that embracing the unknown can lead to some of the most delightful culinary experiences of your life, would you believe me? Phil and Lily Rosenthal explore this concept in their latest book, “Just Try It.” In this Beyond the Mic Short Cut, they share their infectious enthusiasm for trying new foods.

Phil, the genius behind “Somebody Feeds Phil” and “Everybody Loves Raymond,” and his daughter Lily, a talented actor, writer, and producer, both share a passion for culinary adventures. They dive into their personal food journeys, recounting Phil’s transformation from a picky eater to a global food connoisseur. Lily has also embraced her father’s zest for trying new dishes, including the daunting uni sushi, which has now become one of her favorites.

“Just Try It” is not just a book title, but a philosophy that encourages open-mindedness and the potential joy that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something different.

The stories shared by the Rosenthals will resonate with anyone who has ever hesitated before a plate of unfamiliar food. They remind us that trying new things is not just about expanding our palates, but about enriching our lives and connecting with others through shared experiences. Their anecdotes about family meals and the lessons they have learned along the way are as heartwarming as they are insightful.

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