Fun Facts about Texas Tech Pom

By: Julissa Garcia / Alpha Media Intern

You can catch the Texas Tech Pom Squad perform at several athletic games throughout the year, but there are many facts that the general audience doesn’t know about this team.

The Texas Tech Pom Squad attended the International Cheer Union World Championship in 2022. Tech was selected to compete as Team USA in the premier jazz division and the had the opportunity to represent the USA and won a gold medal.

There are currently 23 members on the Texas Tech Pom Squad which includes 12 girls from out of the state of Texas. There are 5 seniors, 6 juniors, 6 sophomores, and 6 freshman on the current squad.

The pom squad members have a wide variety of majors and can pursue any degree at Tech. Some members are dance majors or minors, there are a lot of nursing majors on this team, and a mix of psychology, kinesiology, and business majors.

The pom squad has 4 different uniforms that they use and rotate throughout the season. The main uniform for football season is a white halter top with custom Lucchese boots and skirt or a long sleeve top if the weather is colder and for basketball season, we have one black and one white long sleeve cropped top that we wear with shorts.

We take a traditions test at the beginning of each season, where we answer a variety of questions from school traditions to basic football knowledge, important places on campus, current events happening for Texas Tech, and history over big events from the university. This traditional test is very important for the squad, as we are ambassadors for the University and have high knowledge and represent this school with pride.

The pom squad does several community appearances throughout the year. This can range from press conferences for new head coaches, elementary school college days, pep rallies for upcoming athletic events, reading books to students in local elementary schools, attending nursing homes, going to the Tech Club the Friday before every home football game, and so many other opportunities that allow the pom squad to be in an inspiring role around the community.

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