Lakeridge Church Appearance with Tech Pom

By: Julissa Garcia / Alpha Media Intern


The Texas Tech Pom Squad is very involved in the community and gives the pom squad members several opportunities throughout the year to help out locally, get involved in the community, and inspire people. On March 7th I was given the opportunity to make an appearance at Lakeridge Church with some of my other pom squad members and a couple football players.

This was an appearance that I had never done before, but it will definitely be one that I never forget because all of the little kids were so adorable and so much fun to be around. We started off this appearance by greeting all the kids as they walked in with all of their favorite Texas Tech gear. Seeing all the little girls where Tech cheer uniforms made me feel so warmhearted and reminded me that this is what being on a collegiate is all about; inspiring the next generation to follow their dreams and to always reach for the stars. This entire appearance was about an hour long where the pom squad performed a little pep rally for the kids and then introduced ourselves with our names, school classification, and our majors. The football team followed right after us with their introductions and then the floor was open for the kids to ask any questions, they wanted to know more information about from either the football players or the pom squad.  My favorite question was, “Where did your pom poms come from?” The very last thing we did was take pictures with all the kids, talk, hang out, and play games with them.

Having the opportunity to inspire, motivate, and connect with the younger generation in the Lubbock community is a huge blessing and something that means so much to me and the rest of my teammates. We all remember being inspired by people who were older than us as kids, and now that we are in the position to be role models for kids it is a true honor, especially when you get to represent Tech by wearing the double T and talk about your passion for dance all while inspiring people in the community.

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