On the Road Again: Lisa Hartman Black & Lily Pearl Black with Clint Black

When the curtain rises during the Killing Time 35th Anniversary World Tour, there’s more than music that comes alive. There’s a story of a family filled with passion, and a legacy that continues. Let’s go Beyond the Mic with Lisa Hartman Black and her daughter, Lily Pearl Black. Today they give us an intimate look at their life on the road with country music legend Clint Black.

Lisa, a powerhouse in her own right, shares the joy of touring with her husband and daughter, calling it a “gift.” From the laughter to the happy tears, she reveals how moments with her family are priceless. Lily, brings a fresh perspective to the family dynamic. She’s dragging her parents into the world of social media kicking and screaming. She discusses the pressures of living up to her parents’ legacy and her determination to earn it.

Lily’s humility and ambition shine through. When performing “Desperado” alongside her father, “a moment that’s both terrifying and exhilarating”. Lisa’s pride in her daughter is palpable, as she speaks of Lily’s bravery and talent.

Listen for heartfelt stories, like the memory of a young Lily, crunching on potato chips in her car seat. Moments we all reminded of the simple yet profound moments in our lives. We also get a glimpse of Clint Black’s unexpected new passion. Lily and Lisa paint a picture of a man who is as multifaceted off stage as he is on it.

For fans of country music, this episode is a backstage pass to the lives of one of its most beloved families. For others, it’s a universal tale of love, artistry, and the delicate dance of nurturing both family ties and personal growth.

It’s more than an interview; it’s a harmony of laughs, life lessons, and the legacy of music that you won’t want to miss. Let’s ho Beyond the Mic.

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