Rockin’ 25 College Basketball Poll 02/09/2024

Rockin 25 Poll

The alternative to any other college basketball poll; the Rockin’ 25 has the most voters who WATCH the games before they vote each week.

Voted on 1/31/2024

Rank Team
1 Purdue NC
2 Uconn NC
3 Houston NC
4 Tennessee +1
5 North Carolina -1
6 Arizona +5
7 Marquette NC
8 Kansas NC
9 Wisconsin -3
10 Iowa State -1
11 Auburn +1
12 Illinois +2
13 Baylor +3
14 Duke -4
15 Dayton +2
16 Alabama +3
17 Creighton -2
18 South Carolina +7
19 Kentucky -6
20 Florida Atlantic +4
21 San Diego State +7
22 New Mexico -1
23 BYU -1
24 TCU -1
25 Oklahoma +1

The teams who missed out in the 25: Cincinnati, Clemson, Colorado State, Grand Canyon, Indiana State, Michigan State, Saint Mary’s, Texas, Texas Tech, Utah, Utah State, Wake Forest


Sean Dillon – Producer / Director of the Rockin’ Pregame for KONE-FM Lubbock and 30 year radio veteran. Creator / Host of the @BeyondtheMicpod cast who interviews  actors, artists, authors and people you need to know. It’s available at Unapologetic Cleveland Browns Fan. Has been known to say things just to stir the pot. Doesn’t care what you think about him. Find him on twitter @seanadillon

Rocketologists :

Erik Haslam – Proprietor of , an analytics website designed to offer team evaluation and predictive analysis for Division I college basketball. He also serves as an analytics consultant by contract for D-1 coaching staffs. You can find him on Twitter at .

Mychal Hunter –Former college betting preview writer for MyBookie.Ag and BetUS. Former Op Ed contributor to Bustin Brackets and Slap the Sign. One time host of the ACC Basketball Report podcast and Owner of Tease The Dawg, a college basketball wagering information newsletter. Follow on X @teasethedawg

Adam Glatczak – Written for a number of college basketball publications and websites, including as former small college columnist for Basketball Times magazine. Also wrote for six years for the former independent website, and in his day job is in his 12th year as SID at Lakeland University, an NCAA Division III school in Wisconsin. Follow on Twitter @hoopvilleadam

Jonathon Warriner –  Owner of, work featured at ACCBR and CBBTODAY. 2019 Third Place Bracketologist in Bracket Matrix. Also good for Bracketology and score updates during the College Basketball season.

Shelby Mast – has run for 20 years now. Die hard college hoops fan since Bird-Magic days! Member of the Super 10 Mock Committee in 2012 – sponsored by the NCAA and Turner Sports. Previously wrote and did brackets for the Indianapolis Star, USA Today, Currently provides brackets and insight to several media outlets across the US. Find him on Twitter @bracketwag

Rocco Miller –  is a College Basketball enthusiast and analyst.  In addition to his duties as , Miller is a Strategic Account Director at DocuSign and watches college basketball religiously in the winter, leading up to March Madness. Find him on Twitter at @roccomiller8

Dominic “Bracket Dom” Lese – is the founder and lead bracketologist for, the #2 most accurate bracketology source in the nation per the Bracket Matrix. Lese is also a contributor for the Primetime Sports Network, and has been making college basketball content for 10+ years now. A true college basketball junkie who spends way too much of his time breaking down and analyzing the game, but enjoys every second of it. Lese can be followed on Twitter @BracketDom, where he posts frequent recaps the day’s college hoops action and its impact on the bracket.

Jason Carmello – Bracketologist, analyst, and creator of his website BIGUNDERDOG.  Jason has been a top-ranked Bracketologist for the past 15 seasons and was the Bracket Project’s Bracket Matrix Champion in 2014.  His website is also home to BUBBLE MATRIX – a one-stop-shop for NCAA Tournament selection analytics and criteria, with each category weighed based on recent selection committee trends.  The Bubble Matrix has been a proven source for predicting the NCAA Tournament field.  You can find him on X at @bigunderdogblog

New Voters This Year (Blame them when your team is below expectations):

Jacob Harris – Analyst and Social Media Manager for The Portal Report and contributor to Inside the Red Raiders. Jacob is constantly covering the transfer portal, Texas Tech athletics and has covered college basketball for the last 6 years! You can find him on X @JacobHarrisTTU.

Ivetta Abramyan – Scientist, Professor and Co-founder of BettorWeather. Long-time college hoops aficionado. Big supporter of non-power programs. Find her on Twitter/X at @ivettaabramyan or at a basketball game near you.

The Rockin’ 25 will be released during the Red Raider Outfitter Rockin’ Pregame on 101.1 The Beard and on twitter @rockin25poll  in Lubbock during the College Basketball Season.

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