Travel with me to the Big 12 Tournament

By: Julissa Garcia / Alpha Media Intern

Post season travel for basketball is finally here, and the Texas Tech Pom Squad is officially traveling to Kansas City Missouri to dance and cheer at the Big 12 Tournament. March 13 was the day of travel for Tech Pom as they made the journey on a charter bus from Lubbock to Kansas City. The bus loaded up all 12 pom squad members and their luggage, along with our Spirit Director, Head Coach, and Raider Red bright and early at 7:30 a.m. as the journey to the Big 12 Tournament began.

Wearing our matching pom squad shirts, we made a lunch stop in Oklahoma where there were several options for lunch. Me and my other teammates from the back of the bus decided we would go grub at Chipotle. We had about 50 minutes for lunch and after we were no longer hangry, the second half of the bus journey to Kansas City started. On this bus ride we found out Tech would be playing BYU in the quarterfinals of the tournament, and we were so pumped and could not wait to see everything that would happen within the next 24 hours. We officially arrived in Kansas City at around 7 p.m. and the excitement really set in. We were FINALLY here at the Big 12 Tournament.

The long, but exciting and fun bus ride always brings so many unforgettable memories with my teammates as we spend the entire day traveling from one state to another on the bus. This bus ride consisted of several naps, playing video games, playing card games, doing some homework, lots of laughter and memories that make these types of trips the best. This is the third time in my four years on the pom squad that I have been given the amazing opportunity to travel to the Big 12 Tournament and each year is truly a great year filled with amazing travel stories and memories that last a lifetime. Although this is my last Big 12 trip, I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to represent Texas Tech and cheer on such a resilient and hard working basketball team in their post season endeavors.

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