What being a journalist means to me

By: Julissa Garcia / Alpha Media Intern

Coming to college and deciding what to major in is a nerve racking decision that can change and shape the course of your future. I am currently majoring in journalism with a concentration in sports media and have 2 minors in athletic coaching and media strategies. Initially, studying journalism in college wasn’t my first choice for my degree but as my last semester is wrapping up, I wouldn’t want to be anything but a journalist.

From taking classes like news writing, broadcast journalism, editing, reporting, photography, and so many other beneficial classes based around journalism, Texas Tech has taught me how to be a smart, truthful, ethical, and personable journalist. Throughout my classes at Tech, I have had the opportunity to write about my personal experiences, cover court trails, write about police cases, shed light on issues that society is facing, and be in the midst of the best internship ever.

I knew that I wanted to be a journalist in the middle of my sophomore fall semester because of my reporting class where I had the opportunity to make several field trips around the community to be able to write my articles. A great story comes from being aware of your surroundings and the community to create a masterpiece of the world from your own perspective. Your story is a look into your thoughts and artistry for the world to see.

Being a journalist means that you get to be a voice for people who don’t always know how to share their own stories and share what is happening around the community and the world. From a simple idea to a flow of words in an article, the magic of storytelling can move readers. Personally, I think journalism is very similar to dance because both are forms of art that allow you to express your feelings.

Journalism is more than just writing facts. A journalist is creative with their storytelling but accurate in all the reporting. Whether I am on TV, on the radio, writing news articles, or doing social media journalism, I cannot wait to see how my future as a journalist unfolds.

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