5 Best Jimmy Page non Led Zeppelin Solos

In honor of Jimmy Page’s 76th birthday, it’s a good time to look at some of the work he did outside of Led Zeppelin

Number 5: Coverdale Page- Pride and Joy

A partnership between Whitesnake’s David Coverdale and Jimmy seemed perfect on paper but led to Robert Plant calling it David Cover Version.

Number 4: The Yardbirds- Think About It

One of the last of The Yardbirds songs recorded before the band’s demise. If you pay close attention to the solo, you can hear the genesis of Dazed and Confused

Number 3: The Firm- Radioactive

Jimmy spent much of the 80’s searching for a singer with the power of Robert Plant, in Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers he found it.

Number 2: Donovan- Season of the Witch

Before his twin neck guitar bowing theatrics, Jimmy was a noted London session musicians. One of the artists that used his talents to great effect was Donovan.

Number 1: Joe Cocker- With A Little Help From My Friends

When Joe Cocker needed a guitarist to match such a big voice, only Jimmy Page would do

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